Watershed and Water Quality Modeling Technical Support Center

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The mission of the Watershed and Water Quality Modeling Technical Support Center is to provide assistance to EPA Regions, State and Local Governments, and their contractors in the implementation of the Clean Water Act. The Center which is part of EPA’s Office of Research and Development (ORD) is committed to providing access to technically defensible tools and approaches that can be used in the development of Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL), waste load allocations, and watershed protection plans. The Center will reach out to experts throughout EPA and States to bring technical expertise to the Center.

Some available resources

  • Technical Support
  • Tools
  • Regional Database
  • Training

Watershed Models

  • Basins
  • LSPC
  • WAMView
  • SWMM

Water Quality Models

  • WASP
  • QUAL2K
  • Aquatox
  • EPD-RIV1

Hydrodynamic Models

  • EFDC
  • EPD-RIV1