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Watershed Central and the associated Wiki are designed to be a central location on the web for sharing watershed information and management tools. EPA recognizes that it takes informed citizens and corporations and active involvement of states, tribes, local, and federal agencies to find comprehensive solutions to water resources problems. We invite all to share their projects and experiences using various tools. (While we sometimes refer to commercially available resources, we do not wish to make this a site for commerical product advertising.)

Specifically, the Watershed Central Wiki is meant to:

  • Facilitate technical exchange between people involved in the watershed management process.
  • Provide improved networking and encourage discussion of issues related to watershed planning.
  • Provide improved access to recommended processes, tools, and data required to prepare and implement watershed management plans.

It was developed by a team of folks inside the USEPA - based on discussions with town, county, state, tribal,and federal water managers and scientists. The focus is on local watershed management. If you are interested in connecting with the developers or the wiki community, please use our Discussion Thread page to connect directly with users.

Anyone may read wiki articles but those who are willing to register are welcome to contribute their expertise to the wiki.

Wikis are typically used in the following way: 90% of users just read, 9% write or edit articles from time to time, and only 1% write or edit often (see: 90-9-1 Theory). Please feel free to explore the wiki and especially to contribute your knowledge. Maybe we can turn these percentages around!

Contact Us!

For questions about the Watershed Central project, please contact Don Waye

If you have questions about a specific tool, click on the 'discussion tab' for the tool. This allows you to review other people's Q&A, and post new questions. Or, click on the 'history' tab to identify the original author of the page, and leave your question on that person's wiki user page. (Tip - you can select email notification in your wiki user preferences so that if you have clicked the "watch" tab you will receive an email if any edits have been made to the watched article.  This should work for "user pages" as well.)