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This page contains a list of all watershed models, tools, and databases that have been added to the wiki. Wiki information is further organized by type of tool (Model, database, etc), location of applicability, and step the tool might be used in the Watershed Management Framework.

Registered users are welcome to add new tools, add comments, suggestions, & feature requests to existing tools, and rate the usefulness of the tools. When adding new tools, consider the following questions as criteria for tools and resources to add: 1) Does it address a recurring need identified by watershed management practitioners; 2) Does it fill an important gap with regard to watershed management or watershed science; 3) Is it a standard method, publication, or tool of known good quality that substantially furthers the goals of human health, clean water, and ecological integrity; and 4) Does it deal with an emerging issues hindering effective watershed management. Tools and resources which should not be included are: 1) Those tools, resources and information that are outdated (including old statutes or programs, technology that has clearly been surpassed by new methods, statutes, etc.) and 2) Those tools that represent brand-name technology, proprietary tools or resources, or for-profit consultancies.

Take a look at the How Do I...? page for guidance on how to add a new tool to the wiki.

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