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EPA Watershed Central Wiki Privacy Policy Summary

The Watershed Central wiki (also referred to as "Wiki")provides a collaborative environment for watershed managers and practitioners to share and transfer knowledge on all aspects of watershed management (e.g., documents, case studies, lessons learned, data sources, tools, models). By registering, users are able to view, create, edit and seek feedback on topics of interest to the watershed community. Title 33 United States Code, chapter 26 authorizes collection of this information.

This information may be shared with appropriate agencies for law enforcement purposes; to congressional offices in response to inquiries from the congressional office on your behalf; and to the Department of Justice or in a judcial or administrative proceeding if EPA determines that the litigation will affect the Agency and the use of the information is relevant and necessary to the litigation.

Are there requirements for participation on this Wiki?

Participation on this Wiki is voluntary. There are no requirements for an individual to register, or, once registered, to use or participate on this site. However, the Watershed Central wiki is a knowledgebase that benefits from the community’s ability to create, edit and share knowledge, as well as collaborate and seek feedback.

Note: Only registered users may view, create or edit a page/article. If you create or edit any page in the wiki, you are publishing a document within the wiki environment. Your submissions (new or edited content)are automatically tagged with your Username and chronological information.

How will my information be used and shared?

The Watershed Central Wiki will be monitored and maintained by designated EPA staff.

The Watershed Central wiki also serves as an opportunity to collaborate and propose content for the public Watershed Central web site ([1]). Content on the wiki will be considered bi-weekly (vetted and approved)for posting on the public site. Note: Not all content published on the Wiki will be posted to the Watershed Central web site.