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Add new content or correct mistakes

Do you see a content gap, missing or incorrect information? Go ahead and create a new article or make the change yourself. Always remember that YOU have the power to create articles or correct mistakes. If you are not sure about the correction add a comment on the discussion page or e-mail someone who you think may be able to help and ask him or her to change it. Or ask someone else to create that article. Even if you start with a single paragraph, that is far better than nothing and others can build on your contribution.

Don't be Afraid to Make Mistakes

Don't let your fear of computers or fear of writing stop you from being a contributor. All articles can be edited, and if something really goes wrong you can always undo your changes using the rollback feature on the history tab of each page. If you would like to practice wiki skills before you start, use the WatershedCentral:Sandbox.

Cite and Link to Source Material

If you are quoting something or want to link to a source of information, provide it! All links to source material must be accessible for all users of this wiki.

Maintain a Neutral Point of View

In this wiki all articles should be written from a neutral point of view, i.e., one that fairly represents alternative views. Positions or views in an article that do not fairly represent the consensus of the relevant community of interest should be clearly marked as the position or views of the author, office, or agency whose views they represent.

Use plain language

When writing or editing text, imagine that you are talking to someone who would like to know more details about your work and knows nothing about the internal workings of your organization or your business. Using acronyms, jargon, and inside references causes confusion and slows down everyone’s ability to use the Wiki to learn or share information. For more information about plain language writing, visit the site

Use the "Discussion" tab to discuss an article

If you have a question about a point made, or want to discuss the article, use the "Discussion" feature. At the top of every article, there is a "Discussion" tab. This is a page that exists "behind" the article, and it is for discussions about the article's substance. DO NOT USE THE RATINGS TOOLBAR FOR DISCUSSION! This area is reserved for individuals who have used the tool and would like to give us their feedback. If you take issue with a comment or you have a question about the tool, please use the article discussion page.

Assume the good intentions of others

If another wiki user has posted something that is incorrect or incomplete, assume that this was an honest mistake. The normal standards of collegiality apply on this site. If something is wrong, change it. We value your expertise and comments.

Be Factual or Be Clear When You Provide Personal Views

Information in this wiki should be reliable and factual. Viewers should be able to check facts independently and to judge the reliability of sources. When you include personal views, such as different perspectives, theories, opinions, or arguments, you should clearly identify them as personal views. Viewers should be able to easily distinguish between facts and personal views.

Be Accountable

This wiki belongs to its contributors and users. Everyone who contributes articles, discussion or edits to this wiki will need to establish a user account and will be identifiable by his or her email address. No one contributing to this wiki retains a right to privacy for posted content.

Be Professional

This wiki is a reference tool for users who seek quick access to knowledgeable, useful, timely, current information on environmental issues, regulatory, compliance, staff resource affairs and other wide-range of issues. It is also meant to foster discussion and communication between watershed management stakeholders. All contributors should keep their language, conduct and contributions professional, civil, and to the point. Refrain from using aggressive or colloquial language. Please see the User Agreement for more information about the terms and conditions of use for this wiki, WatershedCentral:General_disclaimer.

Remember the Purpose of the Wiki

This wiki seeks to draw on the knowledge, experience and expertise of many people, whether they are currently working on a particular country, region or issue. As with its public counterparts, the mechanism to achieve this is the ability of anyone to submit or edit content. Accordingly, when you contribute an article you are launching a process. You do not own or control it and should expect - and accept - that others will change it. This does not imply indifference, but rather open-mindedness about the perspectives of others and the overall purpose of this wiki. If disputes arise, they can be resolved through discussion or mediation.