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This page lists funding opportunities through the USEPA


Great Lakes Long Term Biological Monitoring of Zooplankton, Benthos, and Chlorophyll a

Funding Opportunity Number: EPA-R5-GL2012-2
The EPA is soliciting applications to the Great Lakes Long-Term Biological Monitoring Program, which is part of a continuous effort of researching/monitoring the changes in the Great Lakes biological community. The program has focused on the community structure of biota and the many changes that have occurred in recent years. Of specific interest are the changes in invasive species populations and their effects. This grant program seeks applications for the development and implementation of a continuing research/monitoring program that will be able to track these changes in the Great Lakes biotic community. A total of $4 million will be available for one award, incrementally funded over a five year period. More specific information regarding the specific monitoring/research programmatic requirements is available in the entry

Eligibility: Government entities (including state, interstate, tribal, and local governments), institutions of higher learning, and non-profit organizations.

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