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The Watershed Project promotes the understanding and appreciation of the natural resources of the San Francisco Bay area; increase awareness of the human impacts upon these resources; and inspire community involvement and action that will protect and restore the Estuary and the watersheds that surround it. It has served the communities of the San Francisco Bay Area since 1997.

From their website:

"We all live in a watershed. No matter if you are in the middle of San Francisco's financial district or on a cherry farm in Contra Costa County, water trickles and gushes around you on its journey to one of the world's greatest estuaries--the San Francisco Bay. Our lives are interconnected through our relationship with our watersheds. They are the containers for our homes, schools, and places of work. Everything we do, from mountaintop to marsh, affects the health of local water, soil, air, wildlife, our families and communities.

The ecological and cultural importance of our relationship with our watersheds is undeniable. Unfortunately, our ties to precious water resources are rapidly unraveling. San Francisco Bay has become the most altered aquatic ecosystem in the United States. What was once a paradise for shorebirds, waterfowl, oysters and salmon, is now a soiled afterthought to development of new mines, mansions and malls. Today, the debris and gravel-filled Bay bears little resemblance to the natural wonderland that was celebrated by the Ohlone, Patwin, and Miwok people over 10,000 years ago.

In the face of this grave reality, The Watershed Project seeks to repair our relationship with our watersheds."

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