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Using the Search box in the upper left is the KEY to using the wiki.  It will search for both key words in the the Titles of wiki articles and key words in the text.  Try it!

You may also wish to try the "Popular Categories" bar on the left of the page to get an idea of what types of information are in the wiki.  Stu Lehman EPA - Nonpoint Source Program.

The idea behind the Wiki:

While federal, state, and local agencies provide quite a bit of guidance on watershed management, the majority of real expertise in the field rests with local practitioners.  These are people who manage lands every day, either because they are land owners managing food, fiber, or mineral production or other natural resources or work in agencies with their "boots on the ground" striving to protect water flows, biodiversity, wetlands, water quality, drinking water supplies, and scenic and recreational resources.  Others are working to control pollution, manage floodwaters, and land development.  This site is not viewed as just a place for EPA employees to share information, but a place for ALL watershed managers and private land stewards to share their experiences, successes, and vast stores of information. It is meant to be an easy-to-edit site belonging to all of us to share What Works to restore and protect water resources in a watershed setting. It is our hope that it grows each day and that interested users help us keep it up-to-date and useful. You can help us do that by adding articles and editing those of others!