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Software requirements: Microsoft Excel or other program that can modify *.xls files
Cost to purchase: Free

Stream physical condition is increasingly a priority for resource managers. Assessment, monitoring and restoration techniques continue to be developed and standardized. Towards these ends, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Ohio State University have developed the STREAM Modules, a suite of spreadsheets that as the acronym implies are Spreadsheet Tools for River Evaluation, Assessment and Monitoring. The intent for them is to help facilitate these activities, first by being consistent with standard techniques. Also, by crunching numbers that can be at times laborious. And lastly, by presenting some rather challenging techniques in away some may find more understandable.

This ongoing project began in 1998 and currently freely provides the following modules:

  1. Reference Reach Spreadsheet for reducing channel survey data and calculating basic bankfull hydraulic characteristics,
  2. Regime Equations for determining the dimensions of typical channel form,
  3. Meander Pattern that dimensions a simple arc and line best fit of the sine-generated curve,
  4. Cross-section and Profile that can be used to illustrate the difference between existing and proposed channel form,
  5. Sediment Equations which includes expanded and condensed forms of critical dimensionless shear, boundary roughness and common bed load equations, and finally
  6. Contrasting Channels that computes hydraulic and bed load characteristics in a side-by-side comparison of two channels of different user defined forms.

See also: STREAM Modules overview (*.doc file)