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Experience Required: min.
Time Needed for Application: min.
Data Needs: na
Support available: yes
Software requirements: None- Online tool
Cost to purchase: Free

SMARTe (Sustainable Management Approaches and Revitalization Tools – electronic) is a freely available, open source, web-based, decision support system. SMARTe helps users overcome site revitalization obstacles by providing information, resources, links, and case studies for all aspects of revitalization including planning, environmental issues, social acceptance, and economic viability. SMARTe also contains analysis tools for evaluating specific aspects of revitalization such as analyzing site characterization data, performing risk assessments, selecting a developer, and converting units of measurement. Further, SMARTe is an integrated decision support system that allows revitalization stakeholders to objectively evaluate reuse options for specific sites and circumstances using a cost-benefit calculator. Revitalization stakeholders can use SMARTe to help them understand social, economic, and ecological trade-offs, present information to other stakeholders, and develop a revitalization plan.