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Experience Required: Minimal
Time Needed for Application: Days
Data Needs: Unknown
Support available: None
Software requirements: Excel
Cost to purchase: Public Domain

PLOAD is an ARCVIEW GIS tool to calculate non-point sources of pollution in watershed and stormwater projects. PLOAD is a simple GIS-based watershed loading model that can be used to estimate combined point and non-point source loads in either small urban areas or in rural watersheds of any size. PLOAD estimates total annual pollutant loads from watersheds, and is neither a continuous simulation, a steady state model, nor a receiving waterbody model. Pollutants most commonly analyzed with this tool are sediments (TSS and TDS), oxygen demand (BOD and COD), nutrients (nitrogen, nitrate plus nitrite, TKN, ammonia, phosphorous), metals (lead, zinc) and bacteria (fecal coliform), or any other user-specified pollutant.