Northeast Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership

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The Northeast Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership (NIIPP) is a cooperative weed management area (CWMA), a regional organization that brings together all interested landowners, land managers (private, city, county, state, and federal), non-profits, private entities, industry, special districts, and the public in the defined geographic boundaries of the Chicago Wilderness region for the purpose of coordinating and combining their resources, expertise, and activities for more efficient and effective management of invasive plant species across jurisdictional boundaries.

Our mission is to prevent and control new plant invasions, control and manage current invasions, support informed management decisions, and raise public awareness concerning the threat posed by invasive plants.

Our goal is to minimize the adverse impacts invasive plants have on our open lands and waters in northeast Illinois, especially on native habitats and their native plants and wildlife.

Projects we are currently involved in include Illinois Invasive Species Awareness Month,  New Invaders Watch Program, coordinating invasive plant control efforts with tranportation, green industry education and outreach, Clean Boats Crew aquatic invasive species education and outreach, and the Illinois Hydrilla Task Force's Hydrilla Hunt!

Coordinator  Cathy McGlynn (

Our Steering Committee

Maurer, Deb (Chair) Lake County Forest Preserve District
Ulaszek, Eric (Co-Chair) USDA Forest Service, Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
Mengler, Jeff (Co-Chair) Hey & Associates
Dreisilker, Kurt – Morton Arboretum
Grill, Rebecca – Park District of Highland Park
Larkin, Dan – Chicago Botanic Garden
Paap, Kathy – Lake County Health Department
Collings, Becky - Field Museum
Spencer, Dan – Cook County Forest Preserve District

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