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The National Water Modeling Workgroup (NWMW) is a group of engineers and scientists who use mathematical water models in support of regulatory decision-making (i.e. analyze water pollution problems). NWMW formed in 2010 to promote improvements to the practice of water modeling within the United States Environmental Protection Agency through information sharing, peer review, research/development collaboration, and technology transfer. The goals of NWMW are to facilitate a community of practice to develop a common set of priorities for model development and refinement, and to collaborate to use available EPA resources in a targeted, efficient manner. THE NWMW is open to all water modelers and is organized by a committee of EPA staff who are actively involved in the development and evaluation of water models.

The workgroup meets monthly for presentations and discussion sessions.

The workgroup will also plan for a face to face national meeting in 2011. At these meetings, the group’s goal is to create an informal setting where a free exchange of scientific ideas is fostered. Presenters are encouraged to provide detail in the technical aspects of the water quality model of interest, including model selection, development, evaluation, uncertainties, and acceptance. At the same time, given the informal setting, members are encouraged to consider offering not only finished products but also “works in progress” for discussion and problem-solving. In some cases, the group may consider communicating consensus positions to research and/or regulatory programs on the regional or national level. Notes from the meeting are collated and sent out electronically after the meeting. Communications are via email group lists and a webpage maintained by the EPA Council for Regulatory Environmental Modeling (CREM) Secretariat. Please contact Mike Hiscock ( 202-564-8344) for information.

Organizing Committee
Michael Hiscock, Office of the Science Advisor
Ben Cope, Region 10
Jim Carleton, Office of Water

EPA Council for Regulatory Environmental Modeling (CREM) internet site
USGS Surface-Water Quality and Flow Modeling Interest Group (SMIG)