NIRMI - Northwest Indiana Restoration Montioring Inventory

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NIRMI (Northwest Indiana Restoration Monitoring Inventory) is a non-profit organization that monitors ecological restoration sites and freely shares the resulting data with the public at Vegetation surveys compose the bulk of this data, but soil analysis, photos, maps, and other information is available for many sites. NIRMI is based in Gary, Indiana, and surveys over 25 sites in the northern part of the state and eastern Illinois.

The NIRMI website provides a number of analysis tools in addition to simple species lists. Species richness, native percentage, FQI (Floristic Quality Index), intra-site beta diversity, spatial distributions, strata (vegetation height) data, and other charts and graphs can be automatically generated for each study site. Regional maps can also be produced in order to compare and contrast data patterns among multiple sites.

It has data and information relevant to the following 8-digit watersheds:

Founded  in 2010, NIRMI has entered into partnerships with a number of local restoration and conservation organizations. NIRMI also trains and employs student interns from local universities as an educational outreach service.