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The Metro WaterShed Partners is a coalition of more than sixty public, private and non-profit organizations in the Twin Cities metro area. Through collaborative educational outreach, the Partners promote public understanding that inspires people to take action to protect and improve their local water resources. Since 1997, the Partners have cooperated through educational projects, networking, and resource-sharing.

The WaterShed Partners launched the "Minnesota Water- Let's Keep It Clean!" media campaign, which works to achieve three goals:

1. Provide municipalities and other MS4s with public education media products and materials for inclusion in municipal stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) reports to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; and

2. Place public stormwater pollution prevention messages in the mass media; and

3. Maintain the website with resources for stormwater educators, students, municipal & watershed staff, along with seasonal clean water tips for residents.

The website is an educational resource for water-quality information, updates, seasonal tips for better water quality; it also has free downloadable resources for classroom teachers and environmental educators.