Measure Progress and Make Adjustments

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Watershed Management Process
Build Partnerships
Characterize the Watershed
Set Goals and Identify Solutions
Design an Implementation Program
Implement the Watershed Plan
Measure Progress and Make Adjustments

You will periodically review the implementation activities outlined in your work plan, compare the results with your interim milestones, provide feedback to stakeholders, and determine whether you want to make any corrections. You need to create decision points at which you will review information and then decide whether to make changes in your program or stay the course.

Track Progress

As part of your implementation you will track progress in several areas: meeting the milestones you set for implementation of management practices, I/E activities, as well as analyzing monitoring data to determine water quality improvements. It is helpful to set timeframes for review and assessment of your watershed plan. At a minimum, you should meet with stakeholders every quarter.

Make Adjustments

If you've determined that you are not meeting the implementation milestones or interim targets that you set for load reductions and other goals, then you need to make adjustments. Perhaps you've determined that you need additional management measures or you need to apply them in another location. Be sure to ask the right questions before making any changes. In some cases you may not have met your milestones due to weather concerns or you lacked the funding to implement some of the management measures.

Results and Next Steps

At the end of this step you should have completed the following:

  • Compared the actual implementation of activities and monitoring results against the watershed plan.
  • Based on the progress made and results shown, made adjustments to the plan

Next steps

  • Watershed management is an extremely dynamic process and the watershed plan is a living document that continually needs to be updated, modified, and refined. New tools are being created every day to assist watershed practitioners with developing and implementing watershed management plans to improve and protect our nation's water resources. So as you continue to monitor the health of your watershed, you will repeat the steps outlined above and move towards more and more efficient and effective management of our watersheds.

Useful Tools

Category:Tools for Measuring Progress is an abbreviated list of tools that might be used to help measure progress. Each tool has a watershed central collaborative content area (where the tools can be discussed and rated) as well as links to the actual tool.