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The watershed management resource website that you can edit

Please note: This is an informational website hosted on the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA or Agency). The views expressed on this site do not reflect Agency policy or action or the official views of EPA or the federal government. (Click here for additional information regarding this site.)

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  • Thanks to all who have contributed info!  We now have over 1,000 watershed articles and have had over 3 million readers on our site! Tell your associates how to find us.. and continue to share!.
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How can I participate in the Watershed Central Wiki?

Thanks for helping us build this community knowledge base for more effective watershed management and implementation! You can contact us at

Map Your Watershed, Project, or Resources

Zoom to your local watershed here on this Google map! It also features geotags - each pushpin represents a link to a wiki article. You can also view monitoring stations, as well as link to EPA's ArcGIS Server EnviroMapper for Water (EMR) map application featuring many of the Agency's water-related geospatial data (just click on the small graticules (boxes with "+" signs floating over the lower left-hand and upper right corners of the map). How to Add a Pushpin in the Map below to Your Wiki Article!

5 Best Ways to Use the Wiki

1   Use the "search" bar (upper left) to fnd a subject of interest.

2   Look on the map (lower left) near your water body for local info.

3   Check the "recent addtions" (lower right) to see what's new

4   Browse the categories on the left side bar.

5   Register and add your own info!

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