League of Women Voters

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The Lake Michigan League of Women Voters is an umbrella group made up of 60 local leagues from the states Leagues of Women Voters of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. The League of Women Voters of the United States was started when women got the vote in 1920. The Lake Michigan LWV was started in Chicago in 1966 when our members were fighting to pass the Clean Water Act. The local League group from Highland Park IL sugggested at our national convention that an InterLeague Organization should be started to unity our interests and action around the Lake.  Since then we have taken the initiative to inform and influence our communities on water issues broadly and on Great Lakes issues specifically.  Many of our members teach, serve on local community boards, act as citizen scientists, and are active in government.  We also interface with the LWV leadership of all eight Great Lakes States, and recently received concurrence from all Great Lakes State Leagues on a thorough Great Lakes Ecosystem Position that will allow us to act in coordination on local, state and federal issues.