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Lake Michigan Subwatershed Information


The Lake Michigan Lakewide Action and Management Plan (LAMP) vision is of “a sustainable Lake Michigan ecosystem that ensures environmental integrity and that supports and is supported by economically viable, healthy human communities.” The primary goal “is to restore and protect the integrity of the Lake Michigan ecosystem through collaborative, place-based partnerships.” The LaMP focuses its efforts through a collaborative effort in meeting the vision and goal through monitoring the changing environmental conditions and adapting management strategies by addressing the following:

The Lake Michigan LaMP document has a Lake Michigan Lakewide Action and Management Plan Watershed Tools that provide links to resources that can be applied to basin problems and exchange shared experiences. They are targeted to assist local government and watershed groups as they work to better manage their local ecosystems. The tools include example and model ordinances, manuals and resources for local officials, planners, developers, individual citizens, and other interested parties.


Below is a listing of the 8-digit watersheds that surround Lake Michigan. More information on each of these subwatersheds can befound by clicking on the subwatershed name.

More information on Lake Michigan subwatershed goals can be found in Chapter 12 of the 2008 LAMP.

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Watershed Name' HUC'
Betsie-Platte Watershed 04060104
Black-Macatawa Watershed 04050002
Boardman-Charlevoix Watershed 04060105
Brevoort-Millecoquins Watershed 04060107
Brule Watershed 04030106
Cedar-Ford Watershed 04030109
Chicago Area Waterway System
Door-Kewaunee Watershed 04030102
Duck-Pensaukee Watershed 04030103
Escanaba Watershed 04030110
Fishdam-Sturgeon Watershed 04030112
Lower Fox Watershed 04030204
Upper Fox River Watershed 04030201
Lower Grand Watershed 04050006
Upper Grand Watershed 04050004
Kalamazoo Watershed 04050003
Little Calumet-Galien Watershed 04040001
Manistee Watershed 04060103
Manistique Watershed 04060106
Manitowoc-Sheboygan Watershed 04030101
Maple Watershed 04050005
Menominee Watershed 04030108
Michigamme Watershed 04030107
Milwaukee Watershed 04040003
Muskegon Watershed 04060102
Oconto Watershed 04030104
Pere-Marquette-White Watershed 04060101
Peshtigo Watershed 04030105
Pike-Root Watershed 04040002
St. Joseph Watershed 04050001
Tacoosh-Whitefish Watershed 04030111
Thornapple Watershed 04050007
Lake Winnebago Watershed 04030203
Wolf Lake Watershed 04030202