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The Lake Michigan Forum provides public input to U.S. EPA on the Lake Michigan Lakewide Action and Management Plan (LAMP) and is a medium for direct involvement in the LAMP process from representative stakeholders of the Lake Michigan basin. The Forum is not an official advisory committee to the U.S. EPA or the states. Rather, it is a formal group tasked with providing broad input into the LAMP process. Periodically, the Forum will identify and implement non governmental activities that can help in meeting the goals of the LAMP

The Forum has a number of responsibilities, including: a) Representing the diverse interests and geography of the Lake Michigan basin; b) Creating a channel of communication for public concerns and input to the LAMP process; c) Providing input and review of the LAMP document and assisting in its completion and implementation; d) Identifying targets of opportunity for demonstration projects relating to the LAMP goals and recommendations; e) Promoting the LAMP to the pubic and building a constituency for its implementation; f) Serving as a medium for regional and watershed approaches that accomplish LAMP goals; g) Serving as a forum for identifying, discussing and conveying critical issues; h) Updating status reports on the Areas of Concern and other area initiatives;


Forum members come from around the Lake Michigan basin and represent a variety of interests. Membership is sought from local governments, regional planning organizations, business, industry, environmental groups, sport fishing interests, academia, agriculture, Native American tribes, sewerage districts, and Areas of Concern. New members are recruited periodically to ensure a balance of interests and representation.

The Forum is managed by two Co-Chairs, elected biennially by the membership, and facilitated by the Delta Institute through a cooperative agreement with the U.S.EPA. There is no set term limit for Forum members. Members serve without compensation, although travel expenses to and from Forum meetings can be reimbursed. Membership is reviewed annually by the Co-Chairs. Membership in the Forum comes with the following expectations: a) Attendance at no fewer than two of the four meetings per year. Members with more than two unexcused absences per year may be dropped from membership; b) Engage in Forum projects, including the development of projects and work plans; c) Facilitation of organizational involvement in Forum activities; d) Submission of materials for inclusion in Forum communications, such as quarterly newsletter; e) Promotion of the LAMP.

Decision Making

Forum decisions are made by a consensus of those present at Forum meetings. Effort will be made to confirm decisions with members who are unable to attend. If consensus is not reached, a vote will be taken of those present at a meeting and a decision is made by a majority of the vote. Minority opinions will be acknowledged. Decision making between Forum meetings is conducted via fax, mail or email ballot. A summary of Forum Meetings will be summarized in minutes and distributed to all members.

For more information, please visit Lake Michigan Forum.