Identify Technical and Financial Assistance

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Watershed Management Process
Build Partnerships
Characterize the Watershed
Set Goals and Identify Solutions
Design an Implementation Program
Implement the Watershed Plan
Measure Progress and Make Adjustments

A critical factor in turning your watershed plan into action is the ability to fund implementation. Funding may be needed for multiple activities such as management practice installation, I/E activities, monitoring, and administrative support. In addition, you should document what types of technical assistance are needed to implement the plan and what resources or authorities will be relied on for implementation, in terms of both initial adoption and long-term operation and maintenance (O&M). This section should result in element d of the nine elements. Element d is “estimate of the amounts of technical and financial assistance needed, associated costs, and/or the sources and authorities that will be relied upon to implement this plan.”

The identification and estimation of financial and technical assistance should take into account the following:

  • Administration services, including: salaries, regulatory fees, supplies, and in-kind services efforts
  • I/E efforts
  • The installation, operation, and maintenance of management measures
  • Monitoring, data analysis, and data management activities

Useful Tools

Category:Tools for Identifying Technical and Financial Assistance is an abbreviated list of tools that might be used to help identify technical and financial assistance. Each tool has a watershed central collaborative content area (where the tools can be discussed and rated) as well as links to the actual tool.