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Ecosystem-Based Management Tools Network

Ecosystem Based Management (EBM) tools are software or other highly documented methods that can help implement EBM by:

  • Providing models of ecosystems or key ecosystem processes.
  • Generating scenarios illustrating the consequences of different management decisions on natural resources and the economy.
  • Facilitating stakeholder involvement in planning processes.

EBM tools include

  • data collection and management tools
  • data processing tools
  • conceptual modeling tools
  • modeling and analysis tools (such as watershed models, marine ecosystem models, dispersal models, habitat models, socioeconomic models, and model development tools)
  • scenario visualization tools
  • decision support tools (such as coastal zone management tools, fisheries management tools, conservation and restoration site selection tools, land use planning tools, and hazard assessment and resilience planning tools)
  • project management tools
  • stakeholder communication and engagement tools
  • monitoring and assessment tools

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