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The EPA Council for Regulatory Environmental Modeling (CREM) site allows the user to access a wide variety of modeling documents and information. CREM is a council of senior managers from across the United States Environmental Protection Agency. It was established in 2000 to promote consistency and consensus among environmental model developers and users.

Given the crucial role that models play in informing regulatory decision making, the EPA established the Council for Regulatory Environmental Modeling (CREM) in 2000 in an effort to improve the quality, consistency and transparency of the models for environmental decision making. The CREM works with the EPA’s program and regional offices to ensure that EPA:

- establishes and implements criteria so that model-based decisions satisfy regulatory requirements and Agency guidelines;
- documents and implements best management practices to use models consistently and appropriately;
- documents and communicates the data, algorithms, and expert judgments used to develop models;
- facilitates information exchange among model developers and users so that models can be iteratively and continuously improved;
- proactively anticipates scientific and technological developments so EPA is prepared for the next generation of environmental models.

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