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Welcome the main wiki discussion page! Here you are invited to ask and answer questions pertaining to watershed management or the Watershed Central website and Wiki.

Please remember that this page will only be as useful as you make it - so "sign on" anytime and post or answer a question. YOU may well be the expert on any one of the topics in the wiki!!

(It will be easier to participate, if after you register, you first click on "my preferences" at the top of the wiki page, then go to "email" and click "email me when a page I am watching is changed." Then click the "watch" tab on any page you wish to follow, including this one. You will then get an email when new additions are made to this page.)

It may be that an answer warrants the creation or editing of a wiki page apart from this discussion thread - please feel free to do so - but please come back here to create a link to that page so others will find it. Thanks!


Anything that really bugs you about this website? Let me know and I will see what I can do to improve it. Our project team is looking for ways to upgrade the wiki's imbedded map. Unless you click on the geotag map before you save edits to a page, the map on the final article/page will revert to a map of the world -requiring another map edit. --Slehman 15:38, 11 August 2011 (UTC)