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Watershed Management Process
Build Partnerships
Characterize the Watershed
Set Goals and Identify Solutions
Design an Implementation Program
Implement the Watershed Plan
Measure Progress and Make Adjustments

Your I/E activities should be integrated into the rest of your implementation program to help achieve your overall goals for the watershed. As you implement I/E activities it is important to track your efforts against your workplan. Often watershed groups do outreach in a sporadic, uncoordinated fashion so that it is difficult to measure its effectiveness or even to know how much was spent on the activities. Determine first whether you accomplished the intended tasks within the budget allocated. Then you can begin to determine the effectiveness of your outreach activities. Constant evaluation is needed to determine if your messages are reaching the intended audience and having the desired effect, so that you can make any mid-course corrections as needed.

There are several cost-effective tools you can use to stretch your outreach budget. Consider piggy-backing your messages onto publications that the target audience already receives. It saves you money and increases the chances that the audience will see your message. Don’t be afraid to ask for things for free. This includes free printing of materials, free give-aways, free food at events, etc. Many corporations have a social responsibility requirement and are happy to have it satisfied through your program.

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