Clackamas River Basin Council

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We are a local voluntary Watershed Council, founded in 1997 with representatives elected from 21 diverse member groups in the basin. We meet monthly as a consensus-based forum to foster partnerships for clean water, healthy streams, and abundant fisheries in our watershed. Our aim is to protect and improve water quality and fish and wildlife habitat, and support the quality of life for those who live, work and recreate in the Clackamas River basin.

Oregon's Clackamas River flows 83 miles from its headwaters on Ollalie Butte, just south of Mt. Hood, west into the Willamette River near Oregon City. It drains a total area (watershed) of nearly 1000 square miles. We consider the entire river drainage and focus our efforts along the main stem and the tributary streams that enter the Clackamas River below Estacada.

Our council's five main action areas include council development, stream improvement, monitoring, assessments & research, and outreach & education.

We engage in a number of projects to meet the goals of our Basin Action Plan, including removing fish passage barriers, managing invasive species, and coordinating educational events. For more information about our Council, please visit our website.[1]