Christina River

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The following was seeded from the EPA’S Targeted Watersheds Grant Program website:

Half a million people in three states depend on drinking water from the Christina River Basin. The diverse landscape is drained by four rivers that ultimately drain into the Delaware River at Wilmington. The Basin, which includes rapidly developing rural and suburban areas, also serves as home for many major manufacturing, chemical, cable, steel, paperboard and pharmaceutical industries. Several neotropical bird species and a broad array of wildlife including the bog turtle, cerulean warbler, longtailed salamander, and bald eagle inhabit the watershed.

Building on gains by regulatory programs over the last several decades, the Christina Basin Clean Water Partnership is improving water quality through collaborative actions. Partners include:

  • Local partners such as local planning commissions, health departments, conservation districts and watershed organizations
  • State partners, including the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
  • The University of Delaware
  • Several federal agencies
  • Other stakeholders such as residents, small businesses, and non-governmental organizations

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