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The following was seeded from the EPA’S Targeted Watersheds Grant Program website:

The Charles River twists and turns through 23 communities, draining 308 miles before it finally empties into Boston Harbor. One of the busiest recreational rivers in the world, the lower Charles is lined with boat houses, and on nice days powerboats, sailboats, rowing shells and windsurfers crowd the river. The Riverfront attracts 20,000 users daily and up to a half-million for special events, including the spectacular July 4th fireworks display at Boston’s famous Esplanade.

Formed in 1965, the Charles River Watershed Association (CRWA) is one of the country’s first watershed organizations. Its partners include:

  • State and municipal water commissions and planning councils
  • Local businesses such as Polaroid, Pfizer and Stop & Shop
  • Universities and hospitals, such as Harvard, Boston University, Brandeis, and Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Citizen’s organizations, such as The Boston Harbor Association, Conservation Law, and Friends of the Muddy River

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