Causal Analysis / Diagnosis Decision Information System (CADDIS)

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CADDIS is an online application that helps scientists and engineers in the Regions, States and Tribes access, develop and use information to conduct causal evaluations in aquatic systems. It is based on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Stressor Identification process which is a formal method for identifying causes of impairments in aquatic systems. Current features of this site include:

The Step-by-Step Guide to conducting a causal analysis, Example worksheets, Introductory material on several commonly encountered candidate causes, A conceptual model library, and an interactive conceptual model for phosphorus, Advice on how to use specific data analysis methods, general advice on data handling and analysis in a causal assessment, and downloadable data analysis tools. Information sources including related links, glossary and acronyms list, databases of stressor-response information and a reference section. Future plans include modules on deriving empirical stressor-response relationships, stressor-specific tolerance values, and databases and syntheses of relevant literature on sediments and toxic metals. Future versions will be developed incrementally and iteratively (updates to this site can be found on our recent additions page), and your input and feedback will be essential to the system's success.