August 11 2009

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"Geomorphology and Sediment Transport in Channel Design" Short Course

August 10-14, 2009
Logan, UT

Geomorphology and Sediment Transport in Channel Design is part 2 of a 2 part Stream Restoration short course series. The purpose of Part 2 is to present the principles of hydrology, hydraulics, sediment transport, and geomorphology as applied to design of stream channels in stream restoration projects. Part 2 is intended for professionals involved in channel design.

The 5 days are spent in lecture and computer exercises in flow modeling and their application to channel design. Students are introduced to one-dimensional and multi-dimensional flow modeling and sediment transport considerations in channel design. The course includes advanced lectures in sediment transport and geomorphology, and several computational spreadsheets are presented and applied to channel design problems. We evaluate the circumstances where a channel design should be based on threshold channel assumptions and where sediment mass conservation must also be considered. Students work on design problems during this class.

See website for instructors, registration, and additional information.