Allen County Partnership for Water Quality

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The Allen County Partnership for Water Quality in Indiana provides education, information, outreach concerning issues impacting and impacted by storm water. The ACPWQ also helps to encourage public participation in improving the quality of the county's waters. Through presentations, booths, brochures, workshops and other media outlets, the ACPWQ exists to help inform all residents, businesses and other interested parties.

This locally funded partnership was the first of it's kind within the state of Indiana.

The ACPWQ focuses on these water quality issues:

  • Storm water
  • Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs)
  • Drinking water
  • Watershed issues

About Allen County

Allen County, Indiana straddles the Eastern Sub-continental Divide. There are 6 HUC 8 watersheds; four drain into the Great Lakes via Lake Erie and the Greater Maumee River and the other two flow into the Gulf of Mexico via the Wabash and Mississippi Rivers.

The HUC 8 watersheds are:

  • Au Glaize/Flatrock River (Maumee system)
  • Eel River (Wabash system)
  • Little Wabash River (Wabash system)
  • Upper Maumee River (Maumee system)
  • Saint Joseph River (Maumee system)
  • Saint Mary's River (Maumee system)